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Meat Processing

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Red Angus

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Your Local Alberta Farm & Butcher Shop

W S Foods will shorten the distance from pasture to plate.

Our leading mission is to consistently produce excellent customer satisfaction and quality food products at competitive prices, while using effective, responsible practices. More specifically that means providing nutritious, delicious, affordable food for our family and yours.

Our Main Services

What We Offer

When you deal with W S Foods, you’ll get a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. We guarantee quality goods, intelligent customer support, all at a great price. Check out ALL the services we offer on our services page, which could be the answer to some of the most important decisions you will make for your family.


From Pasture To Plate

Producing Wholesome Nutritious Food Raised Naturally

Being too far removed from your food may make it difficult to understand the long and winding path that some food might take to the table. Labels are confusing. Let WS Foods be your local source of meat, because you can communicate directly with us and get your food straight from the hard working folks that produced it from the Alberta earth.  Our meat is raised without using added growth hormones, nontherapeutic antibiotics or steroids, animal by-products or unsavory feed additives.


Convenient Pre-made Package Bundles.

Waste Not, Want Not

The WS Foods team has created some practical pre-made bundles for you to choose from, which are perfect for camping, barbeques, or events such as Father’s day. Appropriate sized portions can prevent wasted food. Package options available to fit your family. Wise use of wrapping, boxes, bags, and vacuum sealed packages for convenience or to prevent freezer burn. Click the “Learn More” for more specific info on some of the products, services, and prices.

Butcher with Beef

Supplying customized orders of select meat products you choose.


We have an inventory of popular meat products available immediately. The service you get from us is unparalleled. WS Foods deals mostly with a local market, and that means that maintaining customer satisfactions is of utmost importance.  That is why WS Foods can assure our customers they will receive the finest quality products and services. We are going to take the time to do it well. Quality over quantity, right through raising to the final products.

Butcher Hanging Beef

Skilled and Experienced Personnel

Custom cutting services

including wild game or mobile slaughter, evisceration, and butchering can be arranged.

The custom cutting services  means we can cut our meat or yours to your specifications. You could get whole pig or beef custom cut and packaged into the products that you request. Share our meat with your friends  and we can divide it up among you fairly by weight. Arrange to have a mobile service out to your farm to slaughter, eviscerate, and butcher your own meat for your own consumption, but not for resale. Also, wild game processing like deer, elk, or moose etc. Availability is limited so call now to arrange your request.


Experience Our Flavor

Patties and Sausage Making.
Smoked Meats, Bacon, Jerky, Pepperoni.
Ground beef, pork, and other meats.

Pictured here is some different but very popular chicken sausages made with spinach and feta, or saskatoons, or rosemary garlic. Supply is limited so get your orders in now.

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